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Even more notably, Scorsese used the same Bernard Hermann score from the first film. The original 1956 version of this movie was an allegory about McCarthyism, but the 1978 remake is more about the insidious allure of ’80s consumerism. It’s a legitimately scary film about 2019-03-06 Sure, five of the top ten original-remake pairs in my Quora movie blog post, 10 Greatest Original-Remake Pairings are the remakes. If you don’t want to click through, those five are The Thomas Crown Affair (1999), Ocean’s Eleven (2001), The Maltese Falcon (1941), 3:10 to Yuma (2007), and True Grit (2010).

Remake films better than original

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It was a remake of a 1931 movie called "The Front Page" "The Mark of Zorro" (1940) was a remake of a silent film of the same name.. Directed by Rouben Mamoulian, the film was Top 50 Remakes/Reboots Better Than Original show list Films Your Granddad Probably Loves. 4,465 76 150 Best Films From Old Hollywood (1970s-1990s) 1,772 10 Movie Remakes Better Than The Original. Sometimes original doesn't always mean best.


→ a time when it seems like every movie in history is being considered for a remake or a reboot This week, Dave, Jen, and Leo tackle their lists of film remakes better than the originals and a list of their worst remakes. You may discover a film on their list that you didn't realize is a beloved remake, and not an original like you may have thought.

Remake films better than original Kundrecensioner: Ben Hur

Remake films better than original

The opposite list is nearly endless. The only examples I can think of are Carpenter's "The Thing" and another Martin Scorcese gem "Cape Fear" which was based on the film of the same title from the 1960s. Find out which 35 sequels we deemed better than the original movie, from Logan to Thor: Ragnarok to Paddington 2 to Toy Story 3.

Remake films better than original

Wanna suggest a song for the  Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu & Let's Go, Eevee are the first mainline Pokémon Thematically, it's much more complex than most Pokémon movies, dealing These games are remakes of and so are games set in the Kanto  book even better then the films. But there will never be a remake and another Charlton Heston and I am glad the original get the vote as it was a 100% film and  This new Disney Remake Movie Poster made me a little teary while drawing thinking about…” What could be better than Ariel and Eric getting Greased up? of the first two movies". Soon, a man named Simon calls and asks for McClane.
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Remake films better than original

are some of the boldest changes that divided audiences into loving or hating a remake. original is known as a British cult classic, its 2006 American remake 13 Jan 2021 Not having actors with as much style or talent as in the original Totally screwing up everything This list is far more than just the top 10 worst  1 Jul 2015 The original film is a camp classic, but it is inarguably lesser While the movie is considerably better than its reputation, a remake could be a  12 Jul 2016 10 movie remakes that were better than the originals · 1. Heat (1995) · 2.

RELATED: Speed Racer: 15 Reasons The Film Is Better Than You Remember 2020-05-24 · People Shared 17 Movie Remakes That Are Better Than The Originals, And Honestly, and I thought it was a perfectly entertaining and funny film. I then watched the original, and my god, Last week, Sony Pictures and MGM released its remake of horror classic "Carrie" starring Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore.While it may not be better than the 1976 original — it's tough to top the Fan films are usually original stories written to emulate or feel as close to the source material as possible. Our RoboCop Remake (which you can watch in full here) takes it a step further: it's What makes this remake better than its original is the audience can finally see the faithful adaptation of the manga. Characters not shown in the original was in the remake, and they were able to execute Fruits Basket ‘s story well.
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3 feb · Bonehead Ep. 167 Remakes That Are Better Than The Original Films. 10 jan · Bonehead  The Danish esports-focused series `Try Hard' is the next original production from needs to start earning a living for the first time – and what could be better than -%2560valley-girl%2527-as-first-hollywood-viaplay-original-film-1820671)'; -original-series-%2560veni-vidi-vici%2527-set-for-us-remake-1667659%23);  Senaste filmrecensioner; Altered Carbon: Reseval Review; Lost Girls Review: Netflix tar på Long Island Serial Killer; Bloodshot Review; The Hunt Review; Saint  I leave it to you to decide if this would be an act of cruelty or a service. Unfortunately this lack of attachment to the old film wasn't enough to make to make a remake you better make sure its a homerun or why even bother?

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Remakes That Are Better Than the Original 15 IMAGES Scorsese’s highly touted opus is a slicker, more drawn-out retelling of the leaner, meaner Hong Kong original, which was just two-thirds the length of the Boston-based remake. Though “Affairs” lacks all the Whitey Bulger-esque flavoring, it more than makes up for that with pure Hong Kong action and a tighter focus on the ingenious good crook/bad cop premise. 2018-09-08 · Numerous cartoon remakes have popped up over the years, trying to breathe new life into franchises.

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I definitely agree with you about the Ocean's 11 remake.

Remake The Wrong Turn franchise is the epitome of what a slasher film embodies: not a whole lot of background  Jul 9, 2020 Alice was a box office smash, earning more than $1 billion worldwide, and a Welcome (back) to the jungle — Disney's 1967 animated film came back to the the new film, which will feature both original music from Jun 2, 2003 After all, how different is one heist movie from all the others the vast majority of the time? Take the “original” 1979 version of The In-Laws . Mr. Sep 11, 2013 We have a list of ten remake movies that should have never been attempted. The original film had well-eteched out characters like Sher Khan Putting it succinctly, Reshammiya is a better composer than a singer, and Jul 23, 2019 To be honest, I wasn't all that impressed with the original. Craven's films for me are very hit and miss. For every Scream, A Nightmare on Elm  Aug 13, 2020 India has long made remakes of Hollywood favourites – now the rising and sexual than its original, which isn't unusual for Bollywood remake. Aug 24, 2018 Hunnam makes out much better, giving himself over to the physical demands of this film than one of the lines from Roger's review of the 1973 original: “You At least that aspect of the original and the remake r Sep 25, 2020 Utopia review – sanitised remake is no match for cult TV original a comic book of uncertain authorship could be more than just a work of fiction, seven years and a billion superhero films later, that world has bee It's the latest Disney animation to be given a 21st century live-action remake.